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Designed specifically for the needs of the Greek yacht chartering market.
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Solutions (For now)

MyNavlo is still in Beta so its actively under development. If there is any feature that you would like to see added don't hesitate to join the Beta or contact us here.
Generate easy to understand graphs and financial statements with customizable time frames ranging from weekly to yearly periods. Get a better understanding of your cash flow, pending payments, installments, as well as the abiliy to keep track of your costs, all in one place. Gain a better understanding of your company's financial stability and make informed decisions confidently.
Maximize the value of your customer data to increase revenue. Gain insights into your customers' lifetime value, demographics, and preferences to find areas for improvement. Stop spending your time, effort and money on unnecessary things and start focusing on what your paying customers want.
Financial Management
Discover how MyNavlo's Finance section empowers you with comprehensive financial management tools. From detailed reporting and customer instalments tracking to expense management and invoicing, our user-friendly platform helps you keep track of boat and agency profitability, forecasting and more. Gain the insights needed to increase revenue and minimize expenes.
Customer & Boat Owner Installments
With MyNavlo you can efficiently monitor both received advanced payments from customers as well as outstanding payments and their due dates. Additionally, you can keep track of the installments owed to boat owners for better cash flow management.
Streamline Operations
MyNavlo can streamline up to 70% of your operations, freeing you to focus on what you do best, getting new customers and tending to their needs! MyNavlo streamlines your work by automating tasks such as organization & management of bookings, fleet management, collecting customer feedback, maintenance reminders, sending base instructions (via automatic emails/SMS), generating and managing invoices and documents, sending automated payment emails, generating financial reports and many more.
Effortless Booking and Customer Management
Transform the way you manage your bookings and interact with customers through MyNavlo. Our platform centralizes all booking-related activities, enabling quick access and management of reservations, customer information, and preferences in one intuitive dashboard. By simplifying these processes, MyNavlo ensures you can deliver personalized services and manage every detail of your customer's journey with ease.
Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Collaboration
Unlock operational efficiency and foster better collaboration with travel agencies and your personnel. Our system simplifies managing extras, dynamic pricing, and personnel, ensuring you maximize revenue while providing exceptional experiences. With MyNavlo, you’re equipped to optimize every aspect of your yacht charter business, from pricing strategies to employees, all within a unified platform.
Centralized Fleet Oversight
MyNavlo revolutionizes fleet management for yacht charter operators by providing a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline every facet of fleet oversight. Our platform meticulously organizes and maintains a detailed repository of all your yacht information, including specifications, pricing periods and inventory. By centralizing this data, MyNavlo ensures that you have instant access to any detail you need, when you need it, enabling effective and informed decision-making.
Optimized Asset Utilization and Owner Management
Dive deeper into operational excellence with advanced tracking of pricing periods, availability, and performance analytics for each yacht in your fleet. Whether you own the yachts or manage them on behalf of other owners, MyNavlo simplifies the complexity of pricing strategies and availability schedules, ensuring you maximize revenue potential across your fleet. For non-owned yachts, our platform offers robust tools for managing boat owner information. Embrace the future of yacht charter operations with MyNavlo, where comprehensive fleet management is just the beginning.

Meet The Team

A photo of the person in charge of the Business Development of MyNavlo, Dionysis Xynos.

Dionysis Xynos

Business Development
A photo of the operations manager of MyNavlo, Aleksandros Shkurti.

Aleksandros Shkurti

Operations Manager
A photo of the lead developer of MyNavlo, Dimitrios Lazanas.

Dimitrios Lazanas

Lead Developer
A photo of a developer of MyNavlo, Ioanna Andrianou.

Ioanna Andrianou

Web Developer
A photo of the sales manager of MyNavlo, Charilaos Boucharelis Petras.

Charilaos Boucharelis

Sales Manager

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Financial/Customer Reports
Customer and Personnel Management
Fleet Management
Document Generation

Our Vision

We want to do more than provide a software solution, we envision a future where yacht chartering is not just about managing a fleet but creating memorable experiences for customers with minimal operational stress and headaches.

Here is what MyNavlo could do for you in the future:
Our vision for MyNavlo is to be THE centralized management platform for yacht charter operators.


Back-Office Automated


Revenue Increase


Double Bookings
*Statistics from similar tools in the hotel industry.

Why Operators use ERPs


All data is on the cloud for instant syncing across the entire company.


MyNavlo is committed to keeping your data safe and secure.


MyNavlo uses the latest technology and updates frequently.


Here to help you in every step of the way whenever you need it.

You are in good hands.

MyNavlo operates in the cloud, ensuring seamless synchronization of company-wide data for consistently up-to-date information. You can trust our unwavering commitment to top-tier security, safeguarding your data at all times. Stay ahead with regular software updates and enjoy dedicated support throughout your journey.


We are here to answer your questions. For any lingering questions, feel free to contact us here.
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